Ambulatory Surgery

321 Genesee Street
Oneida, NY 13421

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Pre Admission Testing Center (PAT)

This department was designed to be a one-stop visit for testing required for surgery. Our surgeons schedule an appointment with PAT if he/she or the anesthesiologist is requiring specific testing prior to surgery. This department completes the registration, admission interview, pre operative education, lab work, and EKG for an upcoming surgery. They also arrange consults with anesthesia, social services, physical therapy, and other clinical experts upon patient or physician request. PAT staff also locates consultations and pre operative testing that has been provided at another facility and has it available for review prior to surgery. Our goal in PAT is to gather the health information required by the surgeon and Anesthesiologist to initiate a safe surgical stay as well as begin each patient’s plan of care for their hospital stay.

Outpatient Ambulatory Care

All scheduled surgical patients are directed to our Ambulatory Surgery department located on the same floor as the main entrance. Most surgical patients are prepared for surgery in this 15-bed unit that was part of the 2010 hospital renovations. The majority of our surgical patients are in for Ambulatory Services — discharged the day or following day of surgery — and their plan of care is continued from the pre operative interview. Most patients are discharged from this department within a few hours of surgery. YOU MUST HAVE A RIDE HOME!